I am in state of being vulnerable day by day. Looking at below calculation, I was designed to pay for 68,882.7 in which I might have been in loss for a mere 5,000; yet fortunately I noticed thus complained about it. :’ At first this stubborn 아줌마 insisted on her incorrect calculation and haughtily blamed on my way in multiplying the service tax. Then as she calculated again, she did mistake and admit it. 

This case may show how skeptical I am recently towards my surrounding. 

I should not easily take peoples words and hope they could be the one you profusely depict to be. Becoming introverted one as days pass by, I tend to favor on listening rather than uttering out my thoughts. Isnt it because of my tendency on doubting people getting severe?  #이게무슨소리지? 하하하

Another thing is when somebody told me okay then became 50:50 and vaguely explain the reason. In this occasion, I start to loss my trust towards them. I personally think it wasnt their mistake to politely refuse. Yes I sometimes do have such hesitation and kinda fickle but I tried not to upset anybody as I was socalled being emphaty?. However it was not just once, its been several times they do so. I ended up resenting on them but only lasted for short time as I could manage to boost my mood up somehow. 

Untrustworthiness could keep on shadowing your relationship hence. One way I attempt to build up trust on someone  is probably by thinking positively and not brooding over it. As time passes, there may be valuable moment in your relationship.

#garrwylie #생각 



Its nearly a year since I have been working my butt off at this korean company. 포스코대우. I would like to keep this as record to reminisce on later in the future. :’) PS: i will write work-related stuff only.

AUG’16 – Probation Period I : I know nothing except how steel is produced from iron ore -> blast furnace -> secondary metallurgy -> slab continous casting machine -> rolling lines (HR, CR, GI, EG) -> inspection . I started learning what is international trade, indonesia steel business, Posco commodities, specs, sizes, coil centers, major steel industries (domestic and global), INCOTERMS, company work ethics and daily business flow process in trading company. Frequent additional night tutors which lasted only 3 weeks.

SEP’16 – Probation Period II : Learning about various payment methods, shipping documents, freight forwarder, shipping line business and terminologies commonly used, how to transport steel with container and bulk (its difference). At the end of month, preparing presentation which contained materials been learnt during 2 months. Breathtaking presentation and boring spare time.

OCT’16 – Probation Period III : Revision, additional presentation on special topics, Free Trade Area Agreement, Indonesian regulation imposed on steel imports, SNI, AntiDumping, Safeguard, competitors (other traders), and any other subject which may cause diarrhea on my mouth.

NOV’16 – End of my probation : Ex-boss assigned me to handle 2 existing costumers. So sudden without a month adaptation. He shouldnt have believed that I had already been ready enough to handle all sudden cases and issues after transferring jobs (pic). Here I was studying those companies, delving into old emails, taking note of what to do weekly, monthly, and on daily basis, production status, coping with ongoing complicated issue, introduction to HQ PIC, learning about business email, and meeting ethics, and etc.

DEC’16 – Business development, contacting potential customers, gathering market info on automotive, learning how to negotiate and dig out the important info on some statements from any parties working with me, updating indonesia new regulation, etc.

#trading #sales #business #steel #freshgraduate


– Revival – Revamping – Retry –

I guess those 3 words depict my current thought suitably.

Its been more than a year not updating this blog due to idleness.

I may need to start writing again. *fiery eyes*

왜냐고하면 ….. I got a hint for what I am gonna deal with next year. I know i shouldnt have been dawdling around and  burning my head out as MONsterDAYs comes so quickly.


– Revival – Revamping – Retry –

구직자 경험

제가 5회사에서 면접이나 시험이나 해봤고 다 떨어지게 되었지요 아시다시피 이때까지 쓴상태 실업자가 되고있다잉! 그 4회사는 :

  1. APRIL (Riau Paper&Pulp) – psychotest and HR interview 성공, User Interview 실패 완젼! I came late to the interview and worried a lot since I had no interest here. I would like to try it out #excuse
  2. Toyota Manufacturing Indonesia – psychotest, TPA 성공, psychology interview 실패. This was kinda disappointing since my interview was pretty short only 5 minutes whereas the other applicants spent more than 10 minutes each..
  3. Krakatau Nippon Steel Sumikin – psychotest, jobtest 실패! 이게 뭐야!? 전 철강에 전공하거든여 답은 할수있는거같았지만.. 왜 불합격했나 해 ㅠ 짜쯩!
  4. Kasongan Bumi Kencana – jobtest 실패! 속상하게! 전 사실 금제어에대해서 젤 좋아한일이라서 기대많이안했었는데 그러게 생각했어도 시험때엔 다 쓸수있더라~ 통과할생각 들었지만 현실로 안되었네요 . 아깝지
  5. Sepuluh Sumber Anugrah (Inhwa) – numerical and english test (20 minutes), user interview with korean manager then no news …………..
  6. Posco Daewoo Corp – i submit applications in jobstreet after being disappointed by the result in KNSS, 27일6월 i was called for an interview (HR and Supervisor) in Energy Building scbd, and then (holiday) 18일7월 the second interview with the manager in trading division. Almost 99% sure that I wouldnt pass. 2 days later.. got a ring from HR and told me about salary offering -_- omg. In the following day, which mean the day I was writing this site. I got accepted and am scheduled to start work on august 1st! 70% sad, burdened, scared + 25% relieved, happy + 5%패닉. 주님 감사합니당!



구직자 경험

Int IELTS 3Hrs-D : Thanks May!

Prolog ~ Class ended -> dilly-dallying -> bored -> reminiscing by uttering into words is not bad. OK lets just get down to the nitty-gritty……….

[0625] – It was my arrival day in Bandung (having spent one-week holiday in Jakarta ^^) before attending national seminar of iron and steel in my campus. I wondered what I should do next month instead of merely waiting for job and seeking for vacancy at boarding.

[0426] – Getting bored in seminar, I scrolled down my facebook page and randomly searched for ielts preparation class in  ieduc. There was a discount in the form of cash-back 155k due to education day in May 2nd if we joined the class of may-june (20x meet-up mon-fri)! :)) My mind told me that it would be worth it to start from 0 ielts! I did have plan to continue my study further {master or maybe just postgrad with honour haha (got this term from ieduc seminar)} but I was advised and kinda deluded by parents and some seniors that itd better to have job experience before taking course in higher education.

[0427] – I decided to enroll in this class hurriedly due to remaining 2 seats. I almost signed up a regular class in here last year but as a result of too much hesitation, I cancelled it.

[0429] – Transferred course fee 3750k and expected the cash-back 😛

[0502] – Monday~ First day of IntIELTS3Hrs-D class!  Yoohoo study again after a while (after graduation). I had just finished my job test prior to this afternoon class and I dont need to tell the details about that (unwillingness overwhelmed). I arrived at 5pm *tet* without having lunch (fortunately we were given snacks during our break time.. it varied everyday) and frantically run to my first class ~ by gojek. There were 7 people in the class with different education background and purposes. They were me, balqi, bg saladin, vemy, tania, ira, and the oldest ~ka lia. For this day only, Ms Vini taught 3 hours full (speaking + writing). Whoaa mixed-feeling. She spoke pretty fast and explained thoroughly (재밌고 신기한단생각*) haha.. At the end of the class, I had been anticipating to face and get tons of homeworks. Spelling before the lesson starts was our routinity for one month.

[0509] – Week 2 . Here we started to get full-team 10 people i meant those who took this class as well (+ghozy, chris, ka feby). We practiced speaking simulation, listening, reading, and writing task 1 and task 2. We obtained a lot of tips, tricks, and great advices especially from Bu Dwi – the founder aka CEO of IEDUC (I think now that because it is so many to describe that I feel like skip it).

Cambridge IELTS 9 and 10 + another source was our textbook.

For more supplements on our studying :  IELTS Cambridge 1-10 [*thanks to bg saladin – the best pupil among us in IntIELTS3Hrs-D)

[0516] – Week 3. Boiling- boiling- midtest (0618) was coming~ still lack in many ways. It seemed that personally I wouldnt be able to get at least 6. Yeah that was true -> 5.8!!. ㅠ  We were disappointed on our result, but still we had final test later to improve better and learn deeperrr. What a bloody hardd IELTS is ! *british accent*

[0523] – Week 4. I got accustomed to do many types of problems despite the new sorts of problem being introduced. On Friday, it was our last meeting in reading and listening section. Bit sad ~ it was almost our farewell. We took photograph together after class ended.

[0530] – Week 5. 20th meeting. Time flies by so fast! Comprehensive lesson on speaking and writing. After class ended, we gathered for over 10 minutes to discuss where we gathered the following day to study together before seminar. We decided to have lunch at Roemah Nenek nearby. Gonna miss them >< bacol ira, instant noodles chris, spicy vemy, etc

[0531] – Gathered for lunch with gengs except ira n chris. We had tons of topics to talk about, while our intension to study -> failure. Probably it could be defined as looking for inspiration in speaking. ^^ ghozy were to take real ielts test on thursday and sunday, we encouraged him! haha. At 4 pm, we (+ira) attended seminar about scholarship and study abroad. This was my first time actually to attend this kind of seminar. Lots of new info and awe-inspiring stories were obtained! No regrett to join this class for full a month! Again here after the seminar, we chit-chatted together with our one fun chic teacher ~ ms ervien! 우아 이별이 더 가까운다 진짜 😦

[0601] –  D-1 final test. We booked one empty class for us to study together. Only 6 of us came though. Listening and Reading! 4pm-8pm . Really good time to study with y’all ^^

[0602] – Final Test. Whew, it was more difficult than midtest -_- okay lets consider this as the beginning of ielts learning! Farewell Day. As I was waiting for my turn (the second last), those who finished speaking went home one by one and some were waiting for us. 🙂 thanks all for the togetherness and hope us success and reach our dreams in future! Me +vemy : 한국, Balqi+Tania : 미국, Ghozy+Ka Lia+Ira: 영국, Bg Saladin : 독일, Ka Feby : 일본, Chris : ITB~  건강하고 선공하기를 바래만해 ^^ ㅋㅋ go get >6.5  and stay in touch!!

Epilogue ~ I just created an unforgottable moment with’em , gained more connections, got stack of homeworks and lectures inspired n motivated. 2May – 2June’16 IntIELTS3Hrs-D marvelous ! Being blissful instead by taking this opportunity ^^ Thanks May!



Int IELTS 3Hrs-D : Thanks May!

5 Reasons to Why The People Who Loves Travelling Tend to be Succesful

Travelling is more valuable than merely an eventual ‘show-off’ in social media by uploading it or sharing it on facebook, instagram, etc. Travelling gives positive energy and may change our point-of-view about surroundings. Perhaps, somebody with shy/introvert personality transforms into more extrovert individual, talkative, and agile.

Travelling pushes someone to quickly adapt for its new environment, understand how cultures and habits are varied from region to others, take fast but responsive decision, and look for inspiration.

1. Going out from comfort zone and ready to improve by experiencing

2. Learn to be friendlier and not easily giving-up

3. Know how to control emotion

4. Instill the sense of sincerity and sense of learning-from-mistakes

5. Learn how to lessen fearness from ourselves


Source : http://www.isikulkas.com/kenapa-sih-orang-yang-rajin-traveling-cenderung-lebih-sukses-ini-5-alasannya/

5 Reasons to Why The People Who Loves Travelling Tend to be Succesful

Travelers ! These are Tricks to Get Cheap Flight Tickets!

  1. Buy the tickets earlier in the morning!
  2. Buy the tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday!
  3. Buy the tickets for flight on April, July, September, or October! The tourists rarely travel abroad during this period
  4. Buy the tickets together with hotel booking!
  5. Become a member of some airlines?!

Whoaa this is kinda true! I got cheapest economy ticket when I went to Seoul last September… >< pin it~

I wanna feel this kind of sensation agaiinn >< yoohooo 현실로 언제 될까? ㅎㅎ


Travelers ! These are Tricks to Get Cheap Flight Tickets!